I’ve been asked how I got into education; most people have. My answer is pretty different than most, I think. I decided that I was bored with my job in telecommunications; this was the heyday of telecom. The money was great, hours were good, and I was on track to have a very sound career. The problem was, I hated going to work. I decided that a career in teaching would be a new, exciting option, so I set out to become certified.


I have a real problem with careers. It is a monster problem that would cause some people to pull their hair out (I have no hair, so risk avoided). I get bored. I am not a maintainer; it just isn’t in my DNA. I can build. I have great ideas and can establish effective systems, but when things run smoothly, I know it is time to move on.

I have learned, since I have moved to school administration, that my love of continual change is a huge benefit. Educational leadership is in a unique position at this moment. I believe in a couple of decades, people will look at now, and they will see that the new education model was born in our time. What a gift for someone with my professional needs. What I commonly hear referred to as the “factory model” of education is going away. Do you hear its last death cries? The new individualized, high level thinking, creative model it being created in its rubble.

This new age is a perfect fit for a person who gets bored and who is constantly looking for the new. I love photography, cake decorating, tinkering, learning software development, fishing, and scuba diving. People on my team have called me their Google. My curiosity has led me to learn about a vast amount of topics, but I have a very shallow knowledge of most of them. I just want to learn how things work, then I move on. All of these traits are terrible for someone who wants a career in a static field, so I am thankful that educational leadership has found me.

I challenge each of you to:

Embrace your curiosity

Learn how different personality types work

Learn how to use new technology all of the time

Stay current on news, technology, entertainment, music, ideas, etc.

The benefit of having such a diverse understanding of the world around me is that I am able to develop and adapt my knowledge into workable solutions. Understanding how a smoke detector works differently than a building sprinkler system is valuable information. Just as is knowing how the adolescent brain develops during puberty. I challenge everyone to learn something completely new every day.

I challenge everyone to learn something completely new every day.

Thank you for letting me share with you one of the personality traits, of which I was previously afraid, has allowed me to love my job in a way that I did not previously believe to be true. I encourage you to remain or curious about all of the world around you. These pieces of information will enable you to become a dynamic leader and build solutions for any problem that comes you way.